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The Notorious Bindass dadagiri Slap Video

The meanest show in Bindass “Dadagiri” showed us the most indecent behavior and language to be ever aired on television.

The video has become so famous that it has hit international celebrity websites. Esha the host whose main job is the insult the contestants slaps a contestant, and in return she gets a slap back, a lot harder.

There is lot of “F” words and Hindi trash words like MC, BC, Bo$D# etc used in the video. The video is just superb.

Watch the Dadagiri Slap Video

What is Dadagiri?
Bindass  ’Dadagiri’- a show where four daring students revisit the horrors of being bullied on the first day of college by surviving three dadas in three rounds and compete against each other for a winning sum of Rs. 50,000 in cash.

In roung one they encounter Vishal -The Beast: An uncouth, foul tempered fellow with an overbearing personality and a strong fist. He enjoys bossing around every one and making mincemeat out of people especially juniors. Into protein shakes & weight training, he has flunked his third year three times. His message to the world goes ‘Maarunga chaar, ginungaa ek’

In round two, the contestants are held up against Shraman - Mindstein‘ who is the college topper and by far the most intelligent guy in college. He is always busy cracking theorems and logic, hates people who cannot answer his questions and feels it to be his duty to enlighten the world.

In round three, along comes Esha -The Goddess: spoilt, nasty, the meanest girl in college. She loves putting people down, is extremely moody & has a very short temper! She particular hates ugly faces!

Now its just that we have to wait and find out whether its all part of a well executed script? The dadagiri slap will surely raise the TRP of the Show.


on “The Notorious Bindass dadagiri Slap Video
12 Comments on “The Notorious Bindass dadagiri Slap Video
  1. done a great job man.

    itne dino ke baad kuch interesting dekhne ko mila
    accha sabak sikhaya uss sali ko
    anchor ko v do char lagata toh accha hota

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  3. esha is goddess on earth.I worship her.I will like to be slave of esha so that she can treat me as she wants.I will lick her feet and drink water after washing her feet.she can slap me whip me and humiliate me.It will be nice humiliation by a goddess.

  4. How dare she slap the guy??!
    I am myself a woman and that was uncalled for.
    And for the rest of the men to continue beating up the guy! They should be jailed!

    This ugly woman needs a good hard whack about the head! What Goddess…she ran off the set as soon as she was slapped back, the coward bitch!!! Hot air is what she is!!

  5. hi esha, my name is amandeep singh. u are the sexiest and cool girl. which is saw in this dadagiri. the task u are giving to the girls is good. this is good becasue. they are the new generation. in small things they use to cry. so be like this in life and lots of love “take care”.

  6. She isn’t a woman, or a human. She is similar to those street dogs who crave for fights without having a single percent brain. I dunno whether her mother and father respect what she did out there, but I am sure they didn’t teach her to do THIS on stage, near public, and hurt someone so badly!

    This should be an example to all women out there who CRAVE for equality and respect in the society. If you want respect, you should learn how to stand by the more masculine, the stronger and steadier men of the society. Learn how to absorb anger and respect the other gender as well. Giving you respect does not mean you make a “galat faida” from it and try to make yourself popular, even if you have to do something really stupid or bad? Does it?

    Then what makes us different from other creatures? What makes us- human ?

    I leave the answers to all the women in the society.

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