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File your Income Tax (IT) returns Online at allows to file your income tax returns and facilitates generation and digital signing of Form-16.

File your Income Tax returns from Home through internetSkordov Systems a Software solutions provider is the one behind this new portal for the e-filing of IT returns. Skorydov has now introduced software for Digitally Signing of Form 16. The generation of Form16 is as per the Department format, availability of tamper proof certificate in digitally signed PDF Format, facility for users to import the data in text format with text delimiter and easy installation of software.

Some of the significant features of the software are:

* Generates Form16 as per the Department format
* Certificate is available in tamper proof – digitally signed PDF Format.
* Allows user to import the data in text format with text delimiter.
* Easy installation of software
* Configured with Microsoft Outlook for emailing of Form16 to employees.
* Multiple signing is possible
* Duplicate form 16 can be issued
* 1000 forms can be created and signed digitally in less than 60 minutes
* Privacy of the data is optimum as the software is installed at the employer’s computer.

MyITreturn has four sections. It has a section for individuals to file their IT returns, it also has sections for Corporates and Professionals to file their returns. Launched in April 2008 has clients like wipro,reliance etc and around 62 thousand registered users. It automatically calculates your tax liability / refund after considering taxable income under various heads like salary, house income, capital gains, income from other sources etc. It has easy to enter income and investment figures and calculates your tax automatically.

Register with and file your IT return. Within 24 hours you will recieve the acknowledgment.

Advantages of filing on

• Fast Processing of Returns and Faster Refunds by the Income Tax Department
• Works on the concept of 24 x 7 i.e. any time anywhere filing
• Allow individuals to prepare their returns online.
• User friendly input.
• Calculates the taxes and prepares Challan automatically.
• Automatically computes tax, surcharge, Cess etc.
• Supports for Original as well as Revised return.
• Supported with online help & keynote at every stage.
• Individuals posted outside the country can also file their return on time.


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  2. is fraud site they are just fooling around the people its better you use income tax official site they just redirect to you on income tax official site and looting your 200/- .You still go to IT office and submit the form. Beware this cheat site.

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  4. My experience with has been very good… the way it helped me to file my tax return was really smooth, the site has all the necessary info for a lay man and provides the ease to fill the reqd info. The language used is very simple and clear, the description are also down to basic. I appreciate the site and its usability.


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